Chris S. Crawford

University of Florida PhD student

About me

Chris S. Crawford Jr. is a student in Human Centered Computing at the University of Florida (UF). Before attending UF, Chris received his B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Alabama. As an undergraduate student, most of his research focused on adding additional functionality to existing software. Chris was recently awarded the GEM fellowship. He is currently working with Brain-Robot Interaction and Televoting.

Brain-Robot Interaction:
Mind-Machine Control Over the Web

A method to control machines (e.g. drones, humanoids, etc.) over the web with cognitive commands from the user. The idea is to provide flexibility for users to control machines located at their home while they are on the go.

An Alternative Approach to Internet Voting for Deployed Military Personnel

Developing system that allows military and overseas voters to cast a ballot privately and independent of their location. By coupling live video streaming technology with a secure ballot submitting process, Televoting presents a voting alternative that avoids many of the factors that are responsible for rejected and uncounted ballots.

Multi-robot Surveillance Systems

Unmanned robotic systems are being used in the military for surveillance and reconnaissance missions. However, current systems utilize a one (or multiple) operator/one robot interface. In addition, human-in-the-loop models or systems that have an autonomy component create issues because human operators tend to intervene more frequently if their expectations of the autonomy are not met. Therefore, this research is aimed at allowing a single operator to efficiently manage multiple robots or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Adding support for the Calliope robot in Player/Stage

The Calliope is a mobile robotic manipulation platform that consists of an iRobot create, Asus netbook, and multiple servos. Tekkotsu, an open source framework that allows software developement for various robots, was the only platform (prior to this research project) that supported the Calliope. This research project consisted of programming drivers, and configuring the player/stage platform so that users could use it to develope software for the Calliope.

ARTSI Workshop in a Box Software

This project provides a national resource for teachers and mentors that want to provide a robotics workshop but have little or no experience in robotics. It is an extension of the NCWIT Roadshow in a Box "Teach a Robot to Draw" that allows students to encode shapes for the finch robot to draw out on paper.

Location based real-time video chat app

Coming Soon! Full description will be releashed closer to the app's launch date.

Bar Studies Inspiration App

Mobile application I built that assists those who are preparing to take the bar exam. Available for iOS and Android devices.


Ubind is a virtual medium that establishes meaningful relationships between students of all ages, nationalities, and walks of life with colleges/universities worldwide. Plainly put Ubind is a college recruitment tool. The Ubind application is designed to put together a central location online where students and university recruiters can interact through building connections we at Ubind like to call binds. Ubind has set out to create a place where universities can gain insights on students. The Ubind application will give recruiters a talent pool of students to interact with around the world, thus helping to better build recruiting solutions and targeting students.